New generation of information technology

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Industry introduction:

Industrial scale

The scale of information technology industry of Shandong Province ranks among the top in China. The emerging fields such as big data, cloud computing, high-end software, quantum communication and virtual reality have seen a rapid development, and the industrial structure is continuously optimized.


Enterprise strength

Six enterprises including Haier, Hisense and Inspur are listed as Top 100 electronic information enterprises in China, while five enterprises including Inspur and CVIC Software are listed as Top 100 enterprises in China in terms of comprehensive competitiveness in the field of software and information technology services. Backbone enterprises play an important leading role in production and management, scientific and technological innovation and international cooperation. Products such as servers, flat-panel TVs and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software occupy a large market share in the domestic market.


Innovation capability

Several industrial alliances such as China’s wide band gap power semiconductors, integrated circuit design and autonomous controllable information systems have been established, and a batch of innovative carriers such as 10 integrated circuit design centers and 116 software engineering technology centers have been cultivated and identified. The province has undertaken several major special national projects of “core electronics, high-end general core, basic software” and national electronic development fund projects and made breakthroughs in many key technologies of “R&D, application and promotion of servers based on domestic CPU/OS”.


Agglomeration effect

The scale of information technology industry in Qingdao, Jinan and Yantai continues to maintain Top 3 in the province, and Jinan has become the second “Renowned Software City” in China. Smart home appliances in Qingdao, software and high-end computing products in Jinan, computer and network products in Yantai, computer peripheral products in Weihai, electro-acoustic devices in Weifang, and electronic components in Zibo have become important business cards of their respective industries. 


Integration of informatization and industrialization

The integration level of informatization and industrialization has been steadily improved. Shandong Province has an index of integration level of informatization and industrialization reaching 55.2, ranking the third place in China. The information consumption is continuously expanding, and the construction of two batches of national level information consumption demonstration cities of Weifang and Zibo is speeding up. The information infrastructure has been further improved. 

Development goals:

New engine in the province

By 2022, the comprehensive competitiveness of the information technology industry in the province will improve in an all-around manner, the industrial scale will maintain Top 3 in China, and its proportion in the industry in Shandong will be greatly improved, reaching more than 15%. The industry quality will be greatly improved, and a new generation of information technology industry system with strong competitiveness and outstanding characteristics and advantages will be preliminarily established. The province will focus on cultivating three to five 100-billion level enterprises and eight to ten 100-billion level characteristic industrial clusters, which will be gradually grown into a new pillar of modern economic system of Shandong Province and a new engine driving the economic growth of the province.

National leading area

By 2022, a batch of leading technologies, products, and enterprises will be formed in the fields of integrated circuits, big data and industrial Internet. Three to five national-level information technology manufacturing bases, three to five national-level big data comprehensive experimental zones or industrial agglomeration zones will be built, around ten nationally influential information technology industrial parks (bases) will be cultivated in order to form an information technology industry cluster of “three cores, one corridor and two wings” with sound development system and obvious leading function. After five to ten years of hard work, Shandong will build itself into a new generation of nationally leading and world-renowned information technology industry base.

New global highland

By 2022, the industrial innovation base, resources and environment will be fully optimized, and the overall efficiency of the innovation system will be significantly improved. The total number of patent applications and the total number of inventions in the information technology industry will rank at the forefront in China with an average annual growth rate of more than 15%, and the investment intensity of R&D funds of backbone enterprises will exceed 6%. The leading role of leading enterprises in innovation will be brought into full play, breakthroughs will be made in many core key technologies in the fields of integrated circuits, new semiconductor materials, big data, cloud computing, high-end software, industrial Internet and other fields. A batch of enterprise (industry) clusters will gathered and cultivated, a batch of leading products and applications represented by high-end servers, high-end sensors, smart wearable devices, industrial Internet platforms, big data industry solutions, industrial core software will be created, and a batch of famous brands with global competitiveness will be formed. By 2035, the new generation of information technology industry will march towards mid-to-high end of global value chain, and the overall innovation level will achieve a strategic change of shifting from following after others to being at parallel and leading level.

10 major projects:

Construction Project of Eight Characteristic Industrial Clusters

Integrated circuit industry cluster: Relying on Jinan, Qingdao, Zibo and other cities, it focuses on the development of integrated circuit design, wafer manufacturing, semiconductor silicon wafers, IC card chips, audio-visual chips and intelligent sensor packaging and other fields. By 2022, a relatively complete industry chain will be formed to have 100-billion development potential and national first-class competitiveness.

Big data industry cluster: Relying on Jinan, Qingdao, Zibo and other cities, it will make breakthrough in a number of key technologies of big data and develop a number of internationally leading big data products and solutions. By 2022, a batch of characteristic information service enterprises and industries will be formed, marine big data and medical big data centers will be established and three to five national-level big data industry clusters will be set up with an industrial scale of more than 100 billion yuan.

Cloud computing industry cluster: Relying on Jinan, Qingdao, Jining and other cities, accelerate the pace of R&D in cloud computing equipment, develop cloud computing systems, and enhance cloud computing capability. By 2022, cloud computing technology capability will reach world first class and cloud service capability will cover the whole nation to create a 100-billion level characteristic industrial cluster.

High-end software industry cluster: Relying on Jinan, Qingdao and other cities, it focuses on making multiple breakthroughs in common basic software and industrial application software. By 2022, it will have trillion-level development capability to achieve deep integration between high-end software and various fields in economic society.

Smart home industry cluster: With Qingdao and Jinan as the core, it will expand the global intelligent manufacturing innovation alliance of home appliance industry, and promote the traditional home appliance manufacturing industry to leap to smart home appliance and smart ecology. By 2022, it will create a globally competitive smart home product R&D and manufacturing base with industry revenue of more than 300 billion yuan.

Virtual reality industry cluster: Relying on Qingdao, Weifang and other cities, it will excavate the advantages in virtual reality high-end product production, software development and application, content creation, platform creation, etc. By 2022, a world first-class innovation base will be set up, and a well-known brand with global influence will be created with an industrial scale of more than 100 billion yuan.

Quantum technology and Beidou satellite navigation industry cluster: Relying on Jinan, Yantai and other cities, speed up the construction of national-level innovation carriers and data centers, implement brand building projects, and focus on building several industrial parks and service platforms. By 2022, quantum technology and Beidou satellite navigation industry cluster will have 100-billion level industrial development capability, and form global first-class R&D capability and strong international influence. 

Industrial Internet Industry Cluster: Relying on Jinan, Qingdao, Yantai and other cities, build an industrial Internet network infrastructure with low time delay, high reliability and wide coverage, build an industrial Internet platform and a security system, form a relatively complete industrial Internet industry chain, give full play to the leading innovation role of the industrial Internet, and promote the cost reduction, quality improvement and efficiency enhancement of industrial enterprises. By 2022, two to three internationally leading industrial Internet platforms will be built.


Extension Project of Virtual Reality Industry Chain

Relying on Qingdao Virtual Reality Technology Innovation Center, Virtual Reality Technology and Application National Engineering Laboratory and other platforms, with Qingdao (Laoshan) National Virtual Reality High-tech Industrialization Base as R&D center, Weifang Virtual Reality Industry Base as product manufacturing center, Jinan and Yantai Virtual Reality Industry Base as service application center, exert the innovative and leading function of backbone enterprises, and continuously improve the development level of the whole industry chain centering on the aspects of core technologies, key components, content creation and product application. 

By 2022, one to two nationally leading enterprises will be cultivated, and one to two national-level virtual reality industrial bases will be established in the field of virtual reality so as to strive for an output value of more than 100 billion yuan in virtual reality industry.


Quantum Technology Pilot Engineering

Key projects: Give full play to the foundation and advantages of cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the University of Science and Technology of China, focus on the introduction of major projects such as quantum key equipment and core photoelectric devices R&D and manufacturing, speed up the implementation of the projects such as Jinan Research Center of National Laboratory for Quantum Information Science (in preparation).

Park construction: Support Jinan City to build Quantum Valley, focus on building Jinan Quantum Communication Technology Park, and timely set up quantum safety blockchain innovation application platform and innovative and entrepreneurial industrial park, quantum communication special raw material industrial park, quantum special component industrial park, quantum technology training and cultural park, quantum biotechnology park and other characteristic parks in other cities.

Special network for communication: Support the joint cooperation among Jinan, Qingdao, Zibo and Weifang to build quantum secret communication “Qilu trunk line” connecting Jinan and Qingdao and traversing from west to east in the province and metropolitan quantum secret communication network, and timely consider extending to Yantai, Weihai, Jining and other surrounding cities to link metropolitan area network of each city with “Beijing-Shanghai trunk line”.

Public service platform: Relying on the Jinan Institute of Quantum Technology, build a national-level quantum communication network infrastructure sharing service platform, quantum information technology standardization platform, military-civilian integration innovation platform and quantum information system core device R&D platform, quantum technology service incubation platform. 

By 2022, a number of competitive application products will be formed, network operation mode and perfect operation and maintenance service system and standards will be established, a quantum technology industry cluster centering on Jinan and radiating the whole province will be formed with 100-billion level industrial development capability in order to become a strategic highland for global quantum technology and industrial development.


Agglomeration Development Project of “Data Gathering in Shandong”

Cluster: Promote the innovation and development of big data industry in Jinan and Qingdao, and promote the agglomeration development of big data industry with provincial-level big data industry clusters such as Jinan High-tech Zone, Qingdao West Coast New Area and Jining High-tech Zone as carriers.

Key projects: Support the construction of key projects such as ocean big data, coal mine safety big data, health medical big data, geographic information big data and smart home big data, and cultivate Jinan Yellow River Big Data Center, Qingdao Urban Big Data Center, and Zaozhuang Lunan Big Data Center. Focusing on industry, agriculture, government and other fields, promote the in-depth application of excellent products and solutions for big data.

By 2022, the province will see a revenue of more than 120 billion yuan from big data products and services, the business revenue of big data related industries will reach 350 billion yuan. The construction of infrastructure will be basically completed, industrial innovation capability and technology level will be greatly improved, technical support for big data application and security guarantee capability will be significantly enhanced, and the application of big data in economic and social key areas will be further deepened.


Cloud Computing Innovation Improvement Project

Base construction: Relying on National Supercomputing Jinan Center, Shandong Intelligent Manufacturing Cloud Public Service Center, Inspur Cloud Service Base, Jinan Intelligent Computing Industrial Park, China Mobile (Qingdao) Cloud Data Center, China Telecom Cloud Computing (Qingdao) Base, Jining ZTE Smart Park, Taishan Cloud Valley, give play to the advantages of industrial agglomeration and development, and allow the cloud computing industry base to be better and stronger.

Core technology innovation: Make breakthroughs in technical bottlenecks such as resource monitoring management and scheduling, big data mining analysis, elastic computing and virtual integration, and speed up the R&D and industrialization of core cloud basic hardware and software equipment with low-energy chips, high-performance servers, blue-ray and other mass storage devices as emphasis.

By 2022, cloud computing industry in Shandong Province will have 100-billion level development capacity, more than 10 domestic backbone enterprises with strong influence and service capability will be cultivated, and cloud computing technology, industry, application and service systems will be initially established.


“Clouds in Qilu” Project of Promoting Enterprise to Clouds

Building the brand “Clouds in Qilu”: Strengthen publicity and investment, launch a series of reports in well-known media in Shandong Province, enhance the typical promotion and public opinion guidance, and create a good atmosphere for promoting enterprise to clouds. 

Four kinds of cloud action: Through such methods as financial subsidies at three levels of the province, cities and counties, continue to promote the infrastructure, platform systems and business capabilities of small and middle-sized enterprises to be put on clouds. Promote industrial equipment to be covered in the clouds with a focus on blast furnaces, wind power, electric motors, industrial boilers and other high-value, high-precision, high-energy, high-pollution industrial equipment and industrial products.

Cloud display experience center for promoting enterprises to clouds: Support solution providers, cloud application service providers, third-party organizations to work with industrial enterprises and ecological partners inside and outside the province to build an integrated innovation simulation environment based on industrial Internet in various cities and large industrial parks to display the cloud projects for promoting middle and small-sized enterprises to clouds and accelerate the promotion and application of industrial Internet.

By 2022, the number of enterprises on clouds across the province will reach more than 300,000, the number of industrial equipment on clouds will reach more than 10 million sets (units), the number of cloud application service providers will be more than 500, and 30 provincial-level experience centers will be set up.


Industrial Internet Empowering Engineering

“One-Ten-Hundred” industrial Internet platform cultivation action: Build more than one industrial Internet comprehensive service platform, cultivate more than 10 cross-industry and  cross-domain industrial Internet platforms, and build more than 100 enterprise-level industrial Internet platform for specific industries, specific regions and specific industrial scenarios.

New kinetic energy development action in the industrial Internet industry: Support the manufacturing enterprises in such fields as intelligent network equipment, numerical control machine tools, industrial robots, carry out integrated innovation of intelligent control, intelligent sensing, industrial-grade chips and network communication modules, and develop a number of industrial Internet innovation solutions. Support Jinan High-tech Zone, Qingdao West Coast New Area, Yantai High-tech Zone, Jining High-tech Zone, etc., and build an industrial Internet industry cluster. 

Industrial Internet Application Pioneer Demonstration Action: choose the industries with multiple enterprise subjects and wide industrial radiation in priority such as petrochemical, machinery, food, textile, metallurgy and energy industries to set up a model for industrial Internet application. Promote the mode of industrial Internet park of national-level Mingshui Economic and Technological Development Zone, and promote the new applications and new modes such as intelligent production, personalized customization and service-oriented manufacturing. Support Dongying Petrochemical Equipment, Tengzhou Machine Tool Manufacturing, Yantai Food, Weifang High-end Machinery and Emerging Electronic Information Industry, Rizhao Metallurgy, Dezhou Textile, Liaocheng Chemical Base and other block economic industrial clusters to create industrial Internet application pilot zone.

By 2022, some 200 excellent suppliers of industrial Internet products and solutions will be cultivated, 20,000 industrial applications for specific industries and specific scenarios will be developed, the number of industrial Internet pilot enterprises will reach 1,000, and one to two industrial Internet industry base and two to three provincial industrial Internet application clusters will be formed.


High-end Software “Four famous” Project

Famous software cities: Support Jinan City to build a high-level famous Chinese software city with international influence, support Qingdao to create a Chinese software city at high standard, and further enhance the level of city and industry integration.

Famous software parks: Support the construction of 2 national software industry parks, namely, Qilu Software Park and Qingdao Software Park and provincial-level software industry parks in Yantai, Weihai, Weifang, Jining, Tai’an and Linyi, further enhance the development of industrial clusters. Explore and support the “Cloud Software Park” mode, and build a public service system that complements the respective advantages of online and offline, physical and virtual parks.

Famous software enterprises: Support the leading and backbone enterprises to become bigger and stronger, build high-level software engineering technology centers, and cultivate national software Top 100 enterprises, key software enterprises within national planning layout, champion enterprises in single aspects and “unicorn” enterprises.

Famous software brands: Focusing on the four basic directions of common basic software, strategic key software, leading-edge software and intelligent software, build Shandong software brands in the fields of high-end software, database, core industrial software, cloud computing and big data for the next generation of information network.

By 2022, the province will break through and master a number of key technologies in the field of high-end software, the integration of software and the real economy will be closer, and the functions of industrial transformation and upgrading and economic quality improvement and efficiency enhancement will be more prominent. In industrial technology software, big data, artificial intelligence and other fields, 50 provincial software engineering technology centers will be newly increased with the software business revenue in the province of more than 700 billion yuan.

Smart Home Industry Upgrading Project

Base (park) construction: Relying on the national digital home application demonstration industry base and national new industrialization industry demonstration base (home appliances and electronic information · Qingdao) in Jinan and Qingdao, continuously improve the scale and development quality of smart home appliance industry. Support Qingdao City to build the West Coast home appliance electronics industry cluster, Jiaozhou home appliance electronics industry cluster and support Weifang City to build an intelligent hardware industry park. 

Key projects: Support the construction of such projects as national-level intelligent manufacturing integrated application demonstration platform based on industrial Internet, national-level smart home terminal product development and scenario operation demonstration platform, IoT safety operation system R&D and industrialization for smart home appliances, smart home artificial intelligence open innovation platform, product and system industrial design platform for smart families.

By 2022, it will become a smart home product R&D and manufacturing base with global leading advantage, and cultivate three to five globally leading smart home enterprises with an industrial output value of more than 300 billion yuan.


Integrated Circuit “Strong Core” Project

Key projects: Cities are encouraged to target at leading domestic and overseas integrated circuit enterprises to carry out precision investment, and concentrate resources to introduce two to three 12-inch wafer production lines. Promote the construction of Qingdao CIDM (Collaborative Integrated Circuit Manufacturing) project, speed up the mass production of integrated circuit products such as 8-inch and 12-inch wafers and photomasks. Promote the construction of silicon wafer projects for Dezhou integrated circuits, and form capabilities for production of 6-inch, 8-inch and 12-inch silicon wafers as soon as possible. Propel the construction of the project of Jinan wide band gap power semiconductor industry chain, boost the agglomeration development of the whole industrial chain of silicon crystalline materials—chip and device manufacturing—module and system application, and speed up building a 10-billion level wide band gap semiconductor industry cluster.

Public service platform: Establish a high-end integrated circuit design engine supported by National Supercomputing Jinan Center, improve the carrying capacity of integrated circuit design public service platform of Shandong Academy of Information & Communication Technology (SAICT) to provide integrated circuit design enterprises and career-creating talents with good EDA design tools and test environment, and effectively reduce R&D costs.

Park construction: Strive to build national “Core Fire” innovative and entrepreneurial base. By relying on Jinan National Information and Communication International Innovation Park and Qingdao Core Valley (Qingdao International Innovation Industrial Park), attract enterprises and talents to settle in here to form industrial cluster, cultivate a batch of enterprises with core technologies and cultivate products with independent intellectual property rights.

By 2022, three to five integrated circuit leading enterprises and 20 leading enterprises in the subdivision field with strong competitiveness will be cultivated. The growth rate of the main business revenue of the integrated circuit industry in the province will maintain at above 20%.