Modern Light Industry and Textile Industry

Source: Editor: 李菁文01-13-2023 22:24

1. Task goals

(1) Overall competitiveness continues to increase. Shandong includes the modern light industry and textile industry, as the province's traditional robust industries, into the "Top ten industries" to promote the continuous optimization of industrial supply, the steady improvement of comprehensive competitiveness and further increase in market share. In 2022, it will expand and improve the comprehensive strength of one leading enterprise with a sales performance of hundreds of billions of RMB, and more than 20 enterprises with a sales performance of tens of billions RMB.

(2) Capacity for innovation continues to improve. Shandong will continually improve technological innovation and creative design capabilities, build a batch of new provincial-level innovation platforms, an array of new patented technologies, breakthroughs in a number of key core technologies, smart home appliance industry breakthroughs in more than 20 key core technologies.

(3) The branding continues to improve. The influence of public brands such as "Shandong Textile", "Qilu Grain and Oil" and "Qilu Wine" continues to increase, and 40 brands of industrial clusters with high regional influence, 200 enterprise brands with high industrial influence and 500 end-consumption brands with high market reputation have been created nationwide.

(4) The industrial ecosystem continues to improve. The driving force of leading enterprises has been significantly enhanced, the level of coordination and support for small and medium-sized enterprises has been markedly improved, the formation of the smart home appliance industry pattern of "multi-point linkage and coordinated development" has been promoted, and more than 10 provincial-level food industry clusters (clusters, strong counties, strong towns and bases) with distinctive local features and advantages, optimize and upgrade 25 textile and garment industry clusters and 5 furniture industry clusters.


2. Main tasks

(1) Shandong will improve and upgrade industrial chains and supply chains.

1. It will keep promoting the chain chief system. It will systematically plan traditional industrial chains with advantages such as textile and clothing, smart home appliances and edible vegetable oil, refine and improve the "one map plus N list", define the development path, and implement various tasks. Relying on industrial chain alliances, Shandong will hold industrial chain match-making activities to promote resource sharing and in-depth cooperation between upstream enterprises and downstream enterprises in terms of market, technology, talent, projects and capital, create a new pattern of integrated development, and promote the development of industrial clusters and industrial chains. It will promote the concentration of relevant policies and resources toward the modern light industry and textile industry to create a landmark industrial chain.

2. Shandong will implement projects to complement the chain, extend the chain and strengthen the chain. It will carry out targeted investment promotion in the industrial chain, focus on potential strengths, weaknesses and gaps, strengthen one-stop investment promotion and investment services, and accurately attract a number of industries with strong driving force, high technological content and good economic benefits. It will focus on major industrial key projects such as AI-based fabric pattern design technology R&D and industrialization, promote the implementation of more than 20 provincial preferred projects, as well as "double recruitment and double introduction" key contract projects, coordinate provinces and cities to promote more than 300 key projects, strengthen the guarantee of factors, rely on coordination services, to strive for quick production and quick results.


3. Shandong will cultivate key enterprises in the industrial chain step by step. About 10 leading enterprises with strong support and driving force will be selected within the industrial cluster and cultivated to be included in the leading enterprise cultivation database, and dynamic management and key support will be implemented to promote qualified enterprises to strive for being leading enterprises across the industrial chain. Shandong will implement the "New, Specialized, Sophisticated and Distinctive" Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Cultivation Program across the province, support the enterprises at key links across the industrial chain to make breakthroughs. It will incubate more than 20 provincial-level "new, specialized, sophisticated and distinctive" small and medium-sized enterprises, single champion enterprises and Gazelle enterprises in 2022.

4. Shandong will strengthen the supply support for the upstream and downstream firms across the industry. It will launch the campaign of integrating and consolidating industrial chains, gathering new, specialized, sophisticated and distinctive enterprises across the chain, build the "chain master" of modern light industry and textile industry key industrial chain and a "community" of "new, specialized, sophisticated and distinctive" enterprises, to stabilize the chain, strengthen the chain and complement the chain.


(2) Shandong will accelerate scientific and technological R&D and innovation.

5. It will make breakthroughs in a batch of key core technologies. It will encourage leading enterprises to unite with colleges and universities, in accordance with the principles of problem orientation and demand orientation, and focus on the leading technology and common key technology within the industry to make continuous efforts, and strive to achieve a batch of major technological breakthroughs in key processes of anhydrous dyeing.

6. Shandong will build a number of innovation carriers. It will build an array of new innovation centers, such as industrial innovation centers, technology innovation centers, manufacturing innovation centers, key laboratories, engineering research centers, and "one enterprise, one technology" R&D centers. It will build the national advanced printing and dyeing technology innovation center and high-end intelligent home appliance manufacturing innovation center with high standards. More than 10 national industrial design centers will be incubated, and a new national textile and garment creative design pilot demonstration park will be cultivated to further consolidate the foundation for R&D and innovation.

7. Shandong will promote the commercialization of a series of scientific and technological achievements. It will promote the implementation of the in-depth integration of education, science and technology, industry and information technology, industry-university-research joint working mechanism, timely understand and release industrial technology and talent needs, organize the upstream and downstream enterprises across the industrial chain to accurately connect with universities and research institutes inside and outside the province, realize the accurate matching of industrial chain and innovation chain, and promote the commercialization of more scientific and technological innovation achievements throughout the province.


(3) Shandong will launch a campaign to make products smarter and greener.

8. It will implement intelligent manufacturing projects. It will promote the in-depth application of 5G, big data, artificial intelligence and other new-generation information technologies in the industry, carry out intelligent upgrading and transformation centering on equipment core replacement, production line replacement and machine replacement, and strive to add more than 10 digital workshops, intelligent manufacturing plants and intelligent manufacturing scenarios. With in-depth implementation of "Cloud-based industrial internet in Shandong", Shandong will make good use of the cloud service coupon policy, support the creation of typical application scenarios in the industry.

9. Shandong will promote the digital transformation of the whole chain. It will deeply promote 10,000 digital specialists to enter enterprises, provide enterprises with professional "consultant plus employee" services in terms of intelligent technical transformation, cloud on equipment, platform empowerment, and network marketing. It will implement the "new blue ocean" project of food digital, carry out a series of activities for the digital empowerment and expansion of the food industry, and promote the deep integration of digital technology and the food industry.

10. Shandong will further empower the industrial internet. It will strengthen the cultivation and promotion of industrial internet platforms such as COSMOPlat Textile Cloud platform and ASPOP clothing platform, guide more enterprises to use the platform, optimize the internal production management process of enterprises, help enterprises reduce costs, improve quality and efficiency, promote the formation of close ecological partners among enterprises, and realize the matchmaking and reconstruction of industrial chains.

11. Shandong will accelerate the transformation to a green and low-carbon economy. It will accelerate the transformation to a green and low-carbon economy, carry out initiatives to promote green manufacturing, and foster an array of green factories, green design products in modern light industry and textile industry. It will continue to rely on water to determine production, carry out the action of "leading the way" in water efficiency, implement the policy of water-saving in industry, promote the application of new water-saving technologies and equipment, improve the recycling of industrial waste water, and foster a number of water-saving enterprises.

(4) Shandong will take action to stabilize the market and increase consumption.

12. It will further deepen the consumer goods strategy of "increasing variety, improving quality and creating brand". It will strengthen the guidance of digital thinking and the application of digital technologies, and promote to launch the consumer goods strategy of "increasing variety, improving quality and creating brand". It will implement the project to improve the quality of featured and high-quality food in the food industry chain, and compile and publish the 2022 catalog of featured and high-quality food. In 2022, more than 30 new enterprises of high-end brands will be cultivated in the manufacturing industry.

13. Shandong will improve the level of domestic and foreign trade. It will guide enterprises to accelerate their integration into the new development pattern and consolidate and increase their market shares at home and abroad. Taking advantage of the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative and RCEP, Shandong will enhance the existing professional trading circles and vigorously expand foreign emerging markets. It will launch the RCEP Green Channel for Enterprises, promote trials of issuing certificates of origin on a socialized basis, and guide enterprises in making full use of tariff concessions to expand exports.

14. Shandong will promote the improvement of "production, supply and marketing" through the internet. It will encourage enterprises to use big data analysis to tap consumers' individual needs, realize the integration of the industrial Internet and the consumer Internet, and accelerate the development of intelligent production, supply and marketing models based on digital decision-making.

(5) Shandong will launch a campaign to upgrade industrial clusters

15. It will cultivate advanced manufacturing clusters. Shandong will give full play to the different strengths of large, medium-sized and small enterprises in innovation and R&D, commercialization of achievements and market development, and speed up the development of industrial development regional layout with precise positioning, complementary industries, complementary advantages, and coordination. In 2022, it will cultivate advanced manufacturing clusters, further expand and strengthen Qingdao smart home appliance "goose formation" industrial clusters, strive to cultivate 2 "goose formation" textile and garment industry clusters, and create 10 high-quality provincial food industry clusters with special local advantages.

16. Shandong will improve cluster public services. With the focus on the development of public platforms for clusters, Shandong will carry out activities to upgrade industrial clusters with distinctive features. It will guide qualified textile and garment industry clusters to build high-level professional online and offline markets integrating sales display, fashion trend release, e-commerce, logistics and transportation.

(6) Shandong will launch a campaign to strengthen enterprises through talent.

17. Shandong will introduce and cultivate leading talents in the industry. With the goal of extending the industrial chain, supplementing the industrial chain and strengthening the industrial chain, Shandong will speed up the introduction and training of a crowd of leading industrial talents who will lead innovation and leap-forward development with first-class skills in tackling key core technologies and industrializing scientific and technological achievements, as well as promote the implementation of the "talent plus project" model, introduce and cultivate an array of high-end talents in the industry.

18. Shandong will carry out the accurate matchmaking training in the industry. It will hold comprehensive ability training courses for senior management talents in the province's light industry and textile industry, and carry out precise and systematic training in enterprise management, creative design, digital transformation, brand building, marketing and other aspects, to comprehensively improve the ability and quality of entrepreneurs.

19. Shandong will build a strong industrial team. It will further promote the integration of industry and education, and encourage leading enterprises in the industry to jointly build internship and training bases with relevant universities and institutes. In 2022, Shandong will strive to build five public training bases, bringing the total to more than 10.


3. Measures

(1) Shandong will improve the mechanism for coordinating and promoting work. Led by the Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, with the participation of relevant departments, a special class for modern light industry and textile industry will be set up, with a well-coordinated and interconnected system and working mechanism being established. Besides, Shandong will formulate the special plan (2023-2028) and the annual action plan for the development of modern light industry and textile industry throughout the province as a whole, carry out the research, formulation and implementation of relevant industrial policies, plan the development direction and breakthroughs of relevant industries, and coordinate the attraction, implementation and construction of major projects.

(2) Shandong will optimize the environment for industrial development. Key projects across industrial chain and within industrial clusters shall be timely incorporated into the provincial key project system, green channels shall be opened, and land environmental capacity energy consumption (coal consumption) and other factor resources shall be coordinated to promote implementation and quick results. Shandong will carry out the identification work of provincial demonstration enterprises and demonstration counties (cities, districts) with the consumer goods strategy of "increasing variety, improving quality and creating brand", and encourage qualified cities to give certain financial support. It will coordinate special funds for business development and market development to support enterprises in expanding overseas markets and expanding brand influence.

(3). Shandong will strengthen policy support. Shandong includes modern light industry and textile industry in the "Top ten" industries. It will give more support to the cultivation of leading enterprises in the industry. The top 10 enterprises with outstanding achievements in economic growth, employment creation and green and sustainable development will be given a basic award of 2 million yuan and an incentive award of up to 20 million yuan respectively. The main operational management and technical directors (excluding leading cadres managed by party committees at all levels) of leading enterprises in "goose formation" within industrial clusters will be able to receive "Shandong Huicai Card" and green channel services.

(4) Shandong will strengthen financial and insurance support. It will implement the policy of discount interest on the import of new and high technology equipment and key components and the policy of discount interest on major technological renovation, and support enterprises in introducing advanced technology and accelerating the upgrading and renovation of equipment. Financial institutions are encouraged to provide high-quality financial services for key projects of modern light industry and textile industry in accordance with national macro policies, their own market positioning and risk control capabilities.

(5). Shandong will improve trade facilitation. It will increase shipping capacity supply for key routes such as west America, Europe and Mediterranean, coordinate shipping companies to put their newly purchased empty containers into Shandong ports, and improve empty container reserve. It will implement the direct- connected integrated marketing model of "seaport plus land port", realizing "one declaration, one inspection and one release" for qualified enterprises in the local customs. Shandong will carry out trials of multi-modal transport with one single order, and implement the RCEP policy of "six-hour customs clearance". It will establish a mechanism for providing regular relief for international logistics, optimize the service platform for stabilizing foreign trade and foreign investment, and provide targeted services.