Cultural and Tourism industry

Source: Editor: 李菁文01-13-2023 22:32

Industry Introduction

Enterprise Scale

As a big province of cultural resources, Shandong has developed a number of large cultural enterprises with strong core competences and brand influence, leading the overall improvement of cultural enterprises across the province. The Top 30 Cultural Enterprises in Shandong Province include 13 publishing companies, such as Shandong Press Group Co., Ltd. and Shandong Dazhong Newspapering (Group) Co., Ltd., as well as five radio, film and television companies, such as Shandong Cable TV Co., Ltd. and Shandong Film & TV Media Group Co., Ltd. 


Development Goals

Adhere to the orientation of advanced socialist culture, promote the creative transformation and innovative development of excellent traditional cultures, improve the cultural production and operations mechanism, enrich new forms of cultural business, build a modern cultural industry system with Shandong characteristics, and facilitate the flourishing of socialist culture. By 2022, the added value of the cultural creativity industry should strive to reach RMB 560 billion, accounting for 5.6% of the regional GDP.


Investment Opportunities

Improve the modern cultural industry system and the market system, further integrate cultural creativity and design services with equipment manufacturing and consumer goods industries, foster new forms of cultural business, accelerate the construction of the Grand Canal Cultural Belt, carry forward the spirit of innovation in Mozi Culture and the spirit of craftsmanship in Lu Ban Culture, inherit and innovate Shangdong culture, promote the creative transformation and innovative development of excellent traditional culture, support the establishment of platforms for innovation in architectural design as well as innovation and entrepreneurship in fashion clothing design, encourage the establishment of foreign cultural trade bases and state-level cultural industry demonstration parks, and support Jinan and Qingdao in building pilot experience zones for film and television culture consumption.

Industrial Distribution

Key programs: transformation and upgrading of cultural industrial parks, promotion of cultural consumption, cultivation of key cultural industrial clusters as well as cultivation of leading cultural enterprises; Key projects: the ancient capital of Qi, Jixia Academy, Chinese Historical and Cultural Industrial Park, Jinan/Qingdao/Zibo/Yantai/Weifang/Heze State-level Advertising Creative Industrial Parks, Jinan Wanda Cultural and Sports Tourism City, Huayi Brothers Film Culture City and Qingdao Oriental Film City.

Development Goals

Cultural projects: support the development of 100 key cultural industry projects, and select about 10 to be listed as provincial key construction projects every year.

Industrial parks: Focus efforts on building 10 cultural industrial parks across the province.

Publishing bases: Establish five state-level cultural industry demonstration parks, three state-level press and publishing industry bases (parks) and 30 state-level copyright demonstration parks (bases) by 2020.

Seed program: push forward the Golden Seed Program for the development of cultural industry in the hopes of building 20 cultural industry incubators to incubate and cultivate more than 1,000 small and micro cultural enterprises by 2020.

Development Projects

Cultural Parks

Strengthen to foster market entities, focus on cultivating five cultural industry clusters with distinctive features and full of vitality across the province, build about 10 cultural industrial parks with strong agglomeration capacity and large scale effect, support about 100 large cultural enterprises (groups) with outstanding main business and strong competitiveness, and develop about 1,000 small, medium-sized and micro cultural enterprises that are "specialized, fine, special, innovative or superior".


Digital Industry

Vigorously develop the digital creative industry, cultivate 5-10 original network content production enterprises with nationwide influence, cultivate 30 animation brands and backbone animation enterprises with strong competitiveness and influence in China, and have 1-2 national famous e-sports games and entertainment events by 2020. 

Characteristic Industry

Cultivate clusters of cultural industries with distinctive features, make full use of the respective characteristics and comparative advantages of old factories, ancient dwellings, ancient villages and ancient streets, and focus on cultivating 100 clusters of cultural industries with distinctive and professional features.

History Industry

Promote the integrated development of culture and tourism, dig into the unique historical and cultural elements of Shandong, and build distinctive cultural tourism destinations. Focus on supporting such cities as Jinan and Qingdao to accelerate the cultivation and expansion of tourism performance market. Continue to build the cultural tourism brand of "Friendly Shandong", and vigorously promote the brand building of the ten major cultural tourism destinations, including the Holy City of the East.


Creative Industry

Promote the integrated development of cultural creativity and design and related industries, boost the construction of "Creative Shandong", and speed up the transformation from "Made in Shandong" to "Created in Shandong". Vigorously develop cultural creativity centers and cultural creator spaces, build 3-5 creative design industry incubators, cultivate and strengthen 3-5 leading creative design enterprises, and set up 10 distinctive cultural industry towns across the province by 2020.