Jinan International Investment Promotion Industrial Zone

集聚区名称Cluster Name


Complete Vehicle, Complete Machine and Hydrogen Energy High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industry Cluster Area
  • 位置 Location


    Shandong Heavy Industry (Jinan Laiwu) Green Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial City, Laiwu Economic Development Zone, Jinan, Shandong Province

  • 招商方向 Direction of Investment Attraction


    Aiming at Europe, America, Japan and South Korea as well as developed regions in China, efforts will be made to introduce manufacturing projects of complete vehicles and machines as well as supporting parts. Focusing on the automobile-specific intelligent manufacturing industry of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, efforts will be made to attract upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chains of hydrogen fuel cells, solid oxide fuel cells, HPDI gas engines, and internal combustion engines.

  • 发展目标 Development Goal


    Create an industry cluster for the manufacturing of complete vehicles and machines, and high-end hydrogen energy equipment.

  • 重点项目 Key Projects



    Sinotruk Intelligent Connected (New Energy) Heavy Truck Project: With a total investment of 15 billion yuan, the project has an area of 3,106 mu (207 hectares) and a construction area of 1 million square meters. As the first project of the Shandong Heavy Industry (Jinan Laiwu) Green Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial City, this project is a major project for Sinotruk Group to actively implement the requirements for the replacement of old growth drivers with new ones in Shandong Province. It also serves as a crucial support for Jinan City in its pursuit of building an advanced manufacturing center in the Yellow River basin. The project focuses on the production of the Yellow River X7 series, HOWO TX, TH7 series and other heavy-duty vehicles. Among them, the new generation of "Yellow River" heavy trucks targets the tractor market for high-end trunk logistics. It is the crystallization of the most advanced sci-tech products of the Sinotruk Group. The series has fully achieved the leading position in China while meeting international standards of excellence. In the future, the project will adopt new energy, unmanned driving, artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies to upgrade single and traditional vehicle products into new energy and intelligent connected green products, so as to build Sinotruk into a world-class vehicle brand.

    KION Intelligent Forklift Project: The project is a limited liability company jointly funded by Linde and Weichai Group. KION Group is the controlling parent company of Linde and a leading global supplier in logistics. Its main operations include industrial forklifts, warehousing technology and related services and supply chain solutions. KION Group provides design, construction and improvement services of logistics solutions in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide to help factories, warehouses and delivery centers continuously optimize their material and information flow. KION Group is the largest manufacturer of industrial vehicles in Europe and the second largest globally, as well as a leading supplier of warehouse automation. Its forklifts fully cover the high, medium and low-end markets. KION Jinan will become a global R&D and manufacturing platform for KION Group's counterweight forklifts, providing high-quality "Made in China and Germany" products to customers around the world on the basis of following Germany's sophisticated design as well as rigorous and advanced management methods in production and manufacturing.

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