Bioinformatics Engineer

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City: Liaocheng City

Employer: Shandong Enoki Bioengineering Co., Ltd.

Industry Sector: High-efficiency modern agriculture

Major Field: Bioinformatics

Post Title: Bioinformatics Engineer

Number of Required Posts: 3

Timeline for Post Application: December 2022

Expected Duty Time: January 2022

Time Requirements for Working in Shandong: Full-time staff

Job Responsibilities:

The applicant will concentrate on the analysis and prediction of microbial gene sequence and protein structure and function.

Age Requirements: Under 40 years old

Educational Requirements: Master degree

Job Qualification:

Those with practical experience are preferred.

Support Conditions and Benefits Provided by Employer:

Postgraduates and full-time undergraduates from Double First-Class universities could enjoy the living and housing subsidies for talents introduced to Liaocheng City; They could also enjoy national legal holidays and social insurance. A formal employment contract will be entered into online after formal employment is confirmed. Then the company will handle the registration procedures, personnel files, Party organization relations, etc. The company will provide accommodation for employees, and uniformly organize induction training and quality development activities for new employees. Also organized are various leisure-time activities for employees, such as going for trips, interesting sports, development activities, New Year’s Eve gala party and other activities.

Local Policies for Talent Support and Subsidies:

Expected Country, Region and Institution of Candidate:

Employer Contact: Liang Junping

Contact Number: 18963529300

Contact E-mail: