Analysis Researcher

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City: Jining City

Employer: Shandong Chenlong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Industry Sector: Medical care and health industry

Major Field: Pharmacy, chemistry

Post Title: Analysis Researcher

Number of Required Posts: 6

Timeline for Post Application: 2022-12

Expected Duty Time: 2022-12

Time Requirements for Working in Shandong: Full-time staff

Job Responsibilities:

1. The applicant will take charge of the quality research of drug R & D projects, and will be responsible for proposing methods, conducting methodological research, as well as establishing corresponding quality standards and stability research;

2. The applicant will take charge of the quality monitoring of active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediate;

3. The applicant will take charge of the document inquiry on project quality research, and will be responsible for formulating the experimental scheme and plan of drug quality research, as well as organizing the implementation;

4. The applicant will operate analytical equipment such as HPLC, GC, UV, IR and dissolution tester, and pay attention to the use, maintenance, verification and calibration of instruments and devices;

5. The applicant will be responsible for collecting and sorting out the change data of substances related to products.

Age Requirements: Under 40 years old

Educational Requirements: Bachelor degree

Job Qualification:

1. The applicant should specialize in analytical chemistry, pharmacy, biology, chemical process and other related majors, with a bachelor degree or above;

2. The applicant should be acquainted with GMP related regulations and pharmacopoeia at home and abroad;

3. The applicant should be familiar with various analysis and detection methods, and should have the ability to operate HPLC, GC, etc., and to solve problems found in the process of experiment, with strong operational ability;

4. The applicant should possess English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, and have the ability to read and translate English materials independently;

5. The applicant should have the ability to compile the quality documents and records.

Support Conditions and Benefits Provided by Employer:

1. Salary: ① RMB 7,000+ will be offered for postgraduates ② RMB 6,000+ will be offered for undergraduates ③ RMB 4,500 + will be offered for graduates from junior college.

2. Benefits: ①The company will pay social insurance and housing fund: the endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, employment injury insurance, maternity insurance and housing provident fund to be fully paid.

② The company will offer project bonus, accident reduction bonus and quality bonus.

③ The company will make assignment for studying and training free of charge.

④ The company will provide free accommodation, rent subsidies, free working meals and shuttle bus service.

⑤ The company will offer the benefits for Mid-Autumn Festival and Spring Festival (cash and coupon), welfare allowance for daily life, high-temperature subsidy and seniority allowance.

⑥ The company will regularly organize the physical examination and promote the tourism plan."

Local Policies for Talent Support and Subsidies:

Subsidies for young talent introduction

Expected Country, Region and Institution of Candidate: None

Employer Contact: Zhang Lianyong

Contact Number: 15092768754