Technical/Process Engineer

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City: Jining City

Employer: Shandong Sunhe Power Technology Co., Ltd.

Industry Sector: New energy & materials

Major Field: Polymer material, metallic material

Post Title: Technical/Process Engineer

Number of Required Posts: 5

Timeline for Post Application: Before July 2022

Expected Duty Time: Before May 2022

Time Requirements for Working in Shandong: Full-time staff

Job Responsibilities:

1. The applicant will take charge of the formulation and reporting of the new product development plan of the company; 

2. The applicant will take charge of the preparation of the technical and process documents as well as the inspection standards regarding new products;

3. The applicant will be responsible for collecting technical data at home and abroad, with attention to be paid to product trends, and providing technical reference for decision-making by General Manager;

4. The applicant will take charge of the training on technical process and technical guidance on the production line;

5. The applicant will be responsible for developing new products, and choosing new process, new technology and new material to improve product quality.

Age Requirements: Under 40 years old

Educational Requirements: Master degree

Job Qualification:

The applicant should have master degree or above, with a meticulous, conscientious and responsible attitude in working, and enjoying high comprehensive quality.

Support Conditions and Benefits Provided by Employer: 4000-8000

Local Policies for Talent Support and Subsidies:

Subsidies for young talent introduction

Expected Country, Region and Institution of Candidate: No requirements

Employer Contact: Guo Peng

Contact Number: 0537-5662703

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