Quality Engineer

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City: Jining City

Employer: Pirelli Tyre Co., Ltd.

Industry Sector: High-end equipment industry

Major Field: Polymer, material and chemical engineering majors

Post Title: Quality Engineer

Number of Required Posts: 5

Timeline for Post Application: December  2022

Expected Duty Time: January - December 2022

Time Requirements for Working in Shandong: Full-time staff

Job Responsibilities:

The applicant will take charge of the quality management.

Age Requirements: Under 40 years old

Educational Requirements: Bachelor degree

Job Qualification:

1) Those specializing in polymer, rubber, chemical engineering and other related majors with a bachelor degree or above are wanted.

2) The applicant should have at least 3 years of relevant working experience.

3) The applicant should know well the processing technology of polymer material and material machining principle.

4) The applicant should possess good basic English proficiency and communication skills.

5) The applicant should be proactive.

Support Conditions and Benefits Provided by Employer:

The company will pay social insurance and housing fund, and provide free shuttle bus, regular physical examination as well as paid leave.

Local Policies for Talent Support and Subsidies:

Subsidies for young talent introduction in Jining City

Expected Country, Region and Institution of Candidate: No requirements

Employer Contact: Gong He

Contact Number: 0537-5179065